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Angels (Poem)


I have always cherished Angels

With a childlike love

I did not ask why

I just knew

they were around me

And came from above

Guardian Angels surround us

We all have many here

You are never alone

You may not see them

But they never disappear

They walk with us

And guide

Not a shadow but light

Just learn to tap into

your intuitive voice

To go left or go right

You have free will

it's always your choice

Just give it a try

Ask the Angels to send

You a sign that they

Are near

And patiently wait

For a message

That’s clear

Perhaps you will see

a white feather

A coin or the same time

on the clock or

repeating numbers

Are always a sign

The Angels’ timing is divine

Ask for all green lights

When you drive down the street

Or ask for a parking spot

When it appears

It is quite lovely and sweet

Songs on the radio

Being played and heard

At the exact time you were thinking

of a loved one who’s gone

And your heart has been stirred

All will happen

when the timing is right

Remember to ask for help

From the Angels

When you lay down your

Head on your pillow at night

Of course you can

Ask for help in the day

The Angels will guide you

And show you the way

My communication with the Angels

Each day becomes more clear

I stop and I listen

For the messages they send

They are sometimes in thought

Or sometimes they sing in my ear

The angelic realm

is a mystical place

One I am strongly connected to

And perhaps

how I got the nickname


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