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Angel Oak

Angel Oak is a magnificent Live Oak tree on Johns Island, South Carolina that has been estimated to be between 300-400 years old. Amazing!

The Live Oak trees are native to the Lowcountry and found throughout. I had seen pictures online and read about this magical tree a long time ago and I was pleased to see how many people visit it daily and hoped to be one of those visitors. The universe brought me right to this tree on a recent trip I took with my husband.

I truly had no reference point to Johns Island, South Carolina until three weeks ago when my husband and I were in Charleston, South Carolina vacationing. This magical tree was located within an hour's drive of our hotel. Being a lover of all things having to do with nature, trees, and angels...I had to go and visit in person. My heart and soul were overjoyed with delight to visit the Angel Oak.

The tree was named for the previous owners Martha and Justis Angel. The massive expanse of the tree's branches, limbs and canopy is said, "To present the aura of an angel." I have to agree. The tree is massive and her spirit and energy gives you tingles all over your body and lifts you up to having the feeling of heaven while walking on earth. Trees and all of nature are of the highest vibration and always bring healing to us.

When you visit the Angel Oak you are allowed to take pictures, but cannot sit on or climb the tree. Some of the limbs are so massive they have support systems underneath to bear some of the weight. The circumference of the largest limb is over 11 feet and nearly 90 feet in length. There is an area of shade that is provided by the Angel Oak tree that is roughly 17,000 square feet. The circumference of the tree is over 25 feet around. It is one of the most wonderful places I have ever visited and her energy is immensely healing and brought me pure joy and delight.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Angel Oak tree for gracing the world for hundreds of years with your healing presence. She is so incredibly loved by all who visit and she returns that love right back to all.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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3 comentarios

Thank you for writing about this incredible tree Angel. Overjoyed you were able to visit her and feel her presence 💚😇

Me gusta

Thank you for taking me on a journey to Discover the Heavenly Aura of Angel Oak! Any idea how old she is?

Me gusta

Exquisite and glad you found this beautiful angel. Love 💕

Me gusta
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