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I was on my front steps sipping my morning cup of coffee, drinking in the lush emerald green grass, plants and the bright pink impatiens and I heard the sweet distinct song of the Goldfinch overhead. I was delighted this gorgeous yellow bird stopped by for a sip of water. These birds always bring me joy and remind me of my sister, Kristy who passed away in 2011. I greet every finch I see with, "Hello Kris!"

Kristy and her family were visiting us from Ohio. She and I were sitting on these same steps when she had just found out that her cancer was terminal. As we cried, we had a conversation about neither of us wanting to die before ever having lived the music that was playing in our hearts...A Goldfinch stopped by my lotus fountain for a sip and she turned to me with her tear-streaked face and said, "I will come and visit you when I am gone. I will come as a Goldfinch." True to her word, she stops by often just when I need her to remind me that I am not alone and to keep living the music that flows from my heart.

Goldfinch are angelic messengers that bring joy that is contagious. They are gentle reminders to use our voices to speak our truths with kindness and to keep singing the music from our hearts that we came here to share with the world.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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