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Reclamation of My Heart...Party of One

Have you ever had one of those profound dreams that leave you awake in the middle of the night that leaves you searching for the deeper meaning?

I have been having more and more of these dreams as of late. I woke up at 3:55 a.m. with the words, "reclaim your heart," being spoken directly to me from a former boss. I sat up in bed and closed my eyes and went back into the dream.

I was searching for this boss in a large office building. I had a mole in the middle of my chest that was growing, throbbing, painful, and it worried me. My former boss was in advertising and I had worked for him over 35 years ago so I wasn't quite sure why I was seeking out his counsel. When I found him he looked directly into my eyes and said, "reclaim your heart," those words woke me up and the dream was over.

I know that dreams are not about the people you are having the dream about, but a metaphorical message to me from my highest self and my helpers in heaven. There is a certain aspect of my subconscious mind that is trying to get my attention during my dream time when it is the quietest.

The time, too, 3:55 was significant. The angel's message of 3 resonates with self-expression, communication, joy, finding love in having fun, pleasure, and enthusiasm in my life. The number 5 is doubled so it resonates with spontaneity, adaptability, personal freedom and being clear and passionate about my inner talents and the betterment of my life. Major life changes are happening in the advancement of my soul's mission and by uplifting myself it helps uplift humanity. I understand this dream's message is to get clear on paying attention to my own heart and move towards fulfilling my own happiness. Writing and sharing what is in my heart is part of my restoration and reclamation of my heart.

I am breaking free from the old constraints and restraints and stepping into the direction of my truest self. I am dancing to the beat of my own heart and soul by following my dreams. I am breathing in Joy and breathing out Grief. I imagine my ribcage opening up wide, and it continues to open, open, open, and I release and let out all of the sorrow, judges, negative thoughts, and rejection out. It is like a giant bird flying out and being set free.

Reclamation party of one came to me as the title for this blog post after I had my dream. I saw humor in the title and the truth behind the words that I truly need to reclaim what I have given away to everyone else. It is beautiful to share your heart, nurture, be available to others, but I took it too far and left my own heart space abandoned. This exile of my heart is not unlike the strip mining that has left scars upon mother earth. The land has had reclamation done and I shall do the same.

I will invite in the opportunity to bring in new topsoil that is nourishing and I shall gently and lovingly plant fields upon fields of beautiful flowers of every hue and color in the rainbow. These magnificent flowers and plants will share generously their sweet nectar of life with all creatures. I will replenish my heart by planting coniferous and deciduous trees of every genus and species as far as the eye can see. There will be a free flowing stream of clear, clean, water to fill our buckets and to always replenish our thirst for life and to never be parched again. Fountains of trust will be everywhere. Drink up.

I apologize to my heart space for sending it into exile. I call you home my beautiful divine heart. I encourage all of you, my beautiful readers to go and find your strip mine and replant what longs to be healed, transformed, honored, and acknowledged. You are love.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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May 28, 2021

Angie, seems significant that this former boss was in advertising! So maybe your guides are calling you to advertise what you bring to the world, to show it to humanity more than you are already doing. Just a thought. Great post btw!!!😘


Your heart is beautiful and special! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey 😘


It is beautiful to share your heart, nurture, be available to others, but I took it too far and left my own heart space abandoned. This exile of my heart is not unlike the strip mining that has left scars upon mother earth.

WOW - how exquisitely stated. I completely resonate with abandoning my heart. I did it through endurance exercise for years until I was literally grounded and had to go within in a new way.

As always thank you for your beautiful clarity of expression and intimate sharing. 💜

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