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Meditation Monday - 3

I wrote this meditation this morning as I reminded myself, it is spring, but it sure looks and feels a whole lot like winter. After temperatures in the 80's last week, the snow has fallen once again on the landscape outside my window. The word surrender comes to mind. Mother Nature is in perfect harmony she knows what she is doing. I surrender as I await the full blooms of the burgeoning tulips, sedum, lilies, Hosta, and leaves on the trees that made a brief appearance and are presently covered in snow. Snow is metaphor for purification. What thoughts, feelings, actions, and difficult conversations do I need to have in my life that can be met by traveling into my inner winter landscape and felt in truth, softened, and purified with love and light? What is waiting to blossom in me?

This meditation is an invitation. A beginning place for getting quiet and feeling your feelings and listening to the pure truth in your heart. Take the time to get to know what your truth is and how to share those deep feelings you are quietly carrying within the winter of your heart. What has been planted in your heart that longs to bloom into the love and light of your life?

Breathe Love and Light Into What Is

Sit quietly

breathe deeply

into your center

filling up

with love and light

keep breathing deeply

love and light

into every cell of you

filling you,

filling you,

filling you,

ever so gently

with love and light

ask your Angels to fill you

up to the brim

with unconditional love and light

and to help you

to find the right


you need to


with someone

about who you are

and what you need

in your life

bring to mind

a fear,

an incessant thought,

or a difficult situation,

you are currently

struggling with


just for a moment

lay it down


give it your loving attention

give it breath


surrender it

with unconditional


keep breathing

love and light

into what it is


to teach you

feel the truth of it

in your heart

ask your Angels

for the strength

and courage


to feel the truth

that resides

in your heart

that you

long to share,

to release any hurts

or fears

and to move

this energy

up and out

of you

that you

no longer wish

to carry

breathe love and light into it


give it a quiet voice

within you


no words

give it some



breathing room

allow your feelings

to bubble up

to the surface

feel your feelings

in this quiet

space of


keep giving your

feelings space


a quiet voice


compassionate understanding

ask your higher self

and your Angels,

what do I need to know

right now

to lay

this down?

please whisper

to me

the words of

truth that I long to release


I am afraid to share

with someone

I love

listen for the answers

breathe love and light

into what you hear,

feel, and know

listen deeply


what your heart knows

soften to the truth


trust your inner guidance

to know

what the next step is

let this be enough

for today

ask that you know

the right time

to share your truth

if and when

you need to

with someone

you love

breathe love and light into what is

Finish your meditation by bringing your hands in prayer over your heart. Rub them together vigorously creating some heat. Cross your arms over your heart and place your hands gently on opposite shoulders. Give your shoulders a hug. Make slow circles with your hands massaging your shoulders in one direction 5 times and reverse the direction and repeat 5 more times on the other side. Hands together at your heart center and bow to yourself for taking the time to listen to your heart's wisdom. Namaste, the light and love in me sees and honors the light and love in each and every one of you.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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You are loved.

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Thank you, Susan. It is a journey into self. What can I share, let go of and surrender to--to stay true to myself and my divine inner child who is always stretching me beyond my comfort zone...with of course help from my beautiful friends who support me along the way.


This is incredibly beautiful and in perfect divine timing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom through words 💞

Replying to

Thank you, Kathy. I had to surrender, surrender, and surrender again to mother nature's wisdom and flow. I am eager to see what happens next.


Love this pondering: What thoughts, feelings, actions, and difficult conversations do I need to have in my life that can be met by traveling into my inner winter landscape and felt in truth, softened, and purified with love and light? What is waiting to blossom in me?

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