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Chakra Meditation at Mama Oak

After my long morning walk with Rosie, we ended up at one of my favorite trees, Mama Oak. She is glorious and lives just off the path in a nearby woods.

I wanted to practice a free flowing meditation to see what insights I might glean from this impromptu stop.

Change your routine and your regular habits and see what the universe has to unfold for you when you practice truly being in the flow of your own existence. You will be joyfully surprised.

I sit on one of her roots and rest my back gently up against her trunk. I settle in to do a peaceful, morning meditation, as Rosie stands guard next to me watching the birds and hoping for squirrels to scamper by unaware.

As I sit rooted at the base of Mama Oak. I feel the sun on my face and I am grateful to be exactly where I am at this moment. I close my eyes and begin to breathe in and out through my nose. I take in several deep, nourishing breaths, and I exhale completely until I feel centered and peaceful in my heart. As I breathe in, I imagine sentient beings sitting on either side of me, practicing with me and helping me to ground to Mother Earth.

I imagine growing roots down alongside Mama Oak's roots. Our roots together grow deep, strong, and wide down through the layers of the earth, the soil, the layers of rocks and gems, until they touch the fiery center at her core. I am anchored and grounded to Mother Earth. I chant the sound, LAM. Laaahhhmmm.

Her fire lights up our entangled roots and brings light energy pulsing up through the layers and into my root chakra at the base of my spine. Lighting up the ruby energy of the Divine Mother, I am grounded in safety and security. Her energy swirling up to merge with my sacral chakra in the color of pinky orange, the creative energy and flow, the joy within me is lit up and I am in the flow. I chant VAM. Vaaahhhmmm.

As the swirling energy rises up in a clockwise direction, it meets the bright, yellow, fiery energy of my solar plexus. My core is mixing with the core of Mother Earth and we are one, strong, and courageous energy flowing and growing together. I chant RAM. Raaahhhmmm.

As this fire rises within me, it turns from sunny gold to a gentle energy rising up within me and begins to turn green at the center of my heart chakra. The abode of love, fierce graceful compassion, and connection to all there is. This beautiful green misty energy clears out any grief, any and all energy that is less than pure, unconditional love. I can breathe deeper as I feel my connection to all sentient beings and human beings alike and their beautiful energies coming together in my heart and helping it to blast my heart chakra wide open. I chant YAM. Yaaahhhmmm.

After the old energy is replaced with new, vibrant, spring green energy, it continues to climb up to my throat chakra and becomes a deep, cobalt blue color. The color of the throat chakra, clearing out any stagnant energy or old residual energy that was not my truth is cleaned out and cleared away. Any and all times my words were silenced throughout this life and others for fear of persecution...I breathe deeply in the color of cobalt blue, and ask that the power of my words be spoken and written with the highest truth and that any and all fear is replaced automatically with the healing energy of love, truth, acceptance, and the highest will.

The cobalt blue energy clears out stagnant energy in the throat, mouth, ears, and eyes. The beautiful and freeing energy to live in the truth is healing, powerful, and transformative. Throat chakra chant HAM. Haaahhhmmm

The energy now is rising up to the third eye at the center of my brow. The colors are indigo and magenta, the seat of consciousness, intuition, and spiritual energy and connection to the spiritual realms. Third Eye chakra chant OM.

The energy of the third eye swirls up to meet the energy of the crown chakra and it is the color violet. The color purple is the color of transformation and forgiveness. I visualize sitting under a gentle violet fire waterfall of energy. The energy is soft, healing, loving, and filled with forgiveness. As it flows over and through me washing over me from crown to base, I feel renewed, rejuvenated, and free. I chant, OM.

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such a beautiful meditation!!! Where can I find the audio/video for this meditation??? 😁


Beautiful!!! I love to change up daily habits/routines but don't always follow through, especially when life gets busy. Thank you!


Love it .... but I want the video version~!!!!!!


Love your entry and do love the beauty of your audio mediation. Especially found this paragraph poignant today: Change your routine and your regular habits and see what the universe has to unfold for you when you practice truly being in the flow of your own existence. You will be joyfully surprised.

I'm always trying to shift my routine - or not allowing routines to become so anyway. It feels stagnant.

Appreciate your offerings AngelFaceMystic!! oxoxox GO!!!❤️

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