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A Vision for Forgiveness and Letting Go

Wisdom comes to me when my heart is open and my mind is calm. I can tap into that quiet mind during meditation, walking in nature, and during the wee hours of the early morning. The time between dreaming and wakefulness is an ethereal time pregnant with possibilities. An otherworldly space that is delicate, light, and sacred. This morning I had this vision on forgiveness and letting go.

There was a slip of a girl

around the age of four or five.

She was clad in a simple white frock

and wearing red, rubber rainboots.

(She is always ready and willing to jump into puddles.)

She was sitting on top of a boulder

dangling her feet over the edge.

Waiting for something magical

to happen.

She had a fistful of daisies

she had picked and

was holding them in her right hand.

These daisies

were a special

gift for her guardian angel.

A thank you for always being with her.

She was smiling from ear to ear as

she waited in anticipation

for the Angel's arrival.

The glorious boulder in which she sat upon,

was covered in a beautiful,

light-green shade of moss.

Her favorite shade of green.

The bright green moss

was exactly like the new growth

on the evergreen trees in the spring

after a long winter's nap.

The boulder was perfectly placed

in the center of her

emerald green garden

of her heart.

The garden was surrounded

by a meadow

filled with wildflowers.

The smell wafting around her

from the flowers

was heavenly.

A fluttering began.

A whirling and swirling of enchanted energy

surrounded the wee girl

and started to rise up around her.

A ruby, white, with gold sparkles

vortex of energy

spun around her

in a clockwise direction

from the earth

towards heaven.


of singing

light and sound

engulfed her

and saturated her

in safety, security, acknowledgement, and


Magnificent butterflies appeared and began

fluttering up and out of every cell of her.

They were painted in hues of

purple, violet, and lavender.

The magical colors of

transformation and


Each butterfly carried words

away from this divine child.


words that had been

imprinted on her

that had caused

pain and suffering

over many lifetimes.

Words that had been

heard and spoken

and tucked into

the little places

around her heart,

hidden, and

out of sight.

The butterflies

freed her


spiriting away



all of the hurt

she carried.

They gave it


back to


to transform it

back into


The Angels



divine child

with God's


Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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