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A Prayer for Mother Earth

I prayed for rain on my walk today as I have prayed several times this summer. I love to walk out in nature every day and tread softly on the sacred ground of Mother Earth. I am incredibly grateful for the beauty that lies beneath my feet and surrounds me wherever I gaze. Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and the lands are usually very green.

This summer the temperatures have been in the 90's for days on end with little rain in sight. I look out upon the land that surrounds me and everywhere the soil is dry. The grass is turning brown. The flowers are trying to lift their wilting heads skyward for any sign that their thirst may be quenched. As I walk, the leaves are falling prematurely from the trees as if it were fall. The bodies of water around us are slowly drying up, the ponds, the streams, the lakes need to be filled up again.

The wind is barely moving and the air is hazy from the forest fires burning in Canada north of us. I feel the sadness in the air, I feel the burn in my eyes, and my lungs ache when I try to breathe deeply. My personal body is a microcosm of the macrocosm of the is yours.

I tuck into the trees off the path on my walk and I sit down on the thick roots at the foot of my favorite Oak Tree. I lean my back against her wide trunk and I breathe. I get very quiet and I say a prayer to Mother Earth.

"Hello Mother Earth. I bow to you. I honor you. I respect you. You are amazing and so generous. All of life needs your water to live. We are all parched and we need your loving attention. I know that you reflect back to us where we need to heal by showing us what the earth needs. What harms one harms all and what heals one heals all.

We heal ourselves as we heal our Mother Earth. Let us heal together and keep the waters of life flowing through us and all around us.

Let your beautiful skies open up and pour your rain drops down and cry as you have never cried before. Please replenish our streams, ponds, rivers, lakes, and oceans with your tears of healing.

I shall join you and cry tears of love and gratitude for your generosity and the sharing of your abundance and love for humanity. I ask humanity to wake up and treat your emotions with kindness, love, and respect. Set an intention to live in the flow of life. Live from the space of an open and generous heart to heal your emotional body and it will heal all of earth. The watery emotions in us need to flow freely and heal as the waters of our earth need to flow freely again and are replenished. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We love you. We need you. We honor you.

We heal ourselves as we heal our Mother Earth. Let us heal together and keep the waters of life flowing through us and all around us.

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1 Comment

So poignant.

It seems more natural in California for fires to break out, white ash on my car and orange sky obscuring the sun.

Your description of experiencing this in Minnesota sends a pang more deeply in my heart yet I trust too that Mother Earth is healing through the fires, as is our anger as humans. An odd way to evolve but one I'm understanding more, especially through your post.

Violet Fire Water Bombs of love all the way around!

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