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Meditation Monday

Let Love Flow

Let love flow

like the ocean waves

coming in and

caressing the shore.


Be an overflowing


of love today.

I am open

to receive

any and all

blessings of love

in my life



every day.

Breathe into

the love of today

and all that it has to


Breathe into

the newness and

all of its possibilities

that may unfold

for you today

and every day.

Bring to your thoughts

that today

I will have patience

for anything



that shows up

in my life.

I allow


to be as it is.

I release


let go

of the need to know

how everything is going to

work out.

I ask the Angels

and my highest self

every day

to always lift me up

and keep

showering me

in the power

of love.

Please show


the next step

I need to take

moving forward in my life

that will keep me

in the expansion of

my heart.

I will pay attention

to my thoughts

for they are carried

on the wind

by the Archangel Gabriel.

May those thoughts

I create

be made

of love.

A love as pure

as the white snowflakes

that fall

gracefully to


May I create

positive, healing, and

loving thoughts for myself

and for everyone

I may encounter


And may

I share

loving thoughts with

all of the people

I love in my life.

I will also be mindful

of the words I speak

and the actions I take.

I ask

that they will always

be infused

and guided

by love, gratitude, and


Think of someone

you love


have loved

in your life.

Set the intention

to fill your entire

body with that warm,

healing, feeling

and sensation

of love.

Be in that space.