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Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken

I have written before that I love words. Words are powerful. Words have energy. They have the ability to heal or to hurt. You get to choose which you want to share with the world. I prefer the words that have the ability to heal. Whether you say healing words to someone, you see them written in letters, cards, newspapers, books, blogs, poetry or hear them in songs or stories, there is great power in their healing medicine. What loving words can you share with the world today that come directly from your heart?

I have words and quotes everywhere in my house. Today I wanted to share the ones that resonate with me today. They are on a beautiful green wooden box I bought years ago, “Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken.” Read that again. “Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken.” Sit with that for a moment. Are you being yourself or trying to be someone else? Are you living in your truth? Are you being your most authentic self? Do you ever think of the quiet presence inside that has been possibly hidden from your complete understanding? What truth can you bring out into the light of today? The little voice inside that can be as quiet as your heartbeat. Can you begin to listen? I have come to recognize the subtle nuances of that voice. It gets louder the farther you get away from listening to its wisdom. After all, who knows you better than you? No one. Be yourself, everyone else is taken. There is a calming essence and presence to the truth of you...find it and you will find joy and freedom in your life. After I bought this sign I went into a yoga class maybe two weeks later and the teacher said, “Be yourself everyone else is taken!” I said, “YES!” I love getting confirmation from the universe that I am in alignment.

We all are born with gifts. Each one of us is unique and plays a part in the huge orchestra of life and humanity. It takes time and energy and the wanting to understand what those gifts are within each and every one of us. When you realize what your purpose is here you can begin to share them with the world. There is freedom in standing in your gifts and the truth of you. You stand in your power and the harmony of humanity. It is not a power over anyone it is power guided from your soul and the truth of you with elegance and an unwavering grace. It is divine. You, me, all of us are a part of that divine oneness. You are never alone. We are all connected. Isn't that beautiful?

I had a conversation recently with a very wise friend who is a shaman. She told me she thought it was egotistical to not use your gifts. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that statement. She continued to share with me that it was like you are turning your back on the creator and your own soul. That hit me right in the solar plexus. I had never looked at it that way before. After digging deep and looking within myself, I would consider telling the truth as one of my gifts. It is the ability to see, feel and know the truth. Truth is very important, but somewhere along the line it got pushed aside. People want to be liked or think they are softening the blow by covering the truth in half truths or white lies. I have known some people who have become quite clever at disguising the truth altogether. It is so much easier to just tell the truth. You do not have to make up any stories and then waste energy trying to remember what story you told to whom. Just tell the truth. Be yourself. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are here for a reason. Shine that light with the world of who you are meant to be. A childhood song from a game we used to play called hide -n-seek just came flooding into my thoughts…”come out, come out, wherever you are.”

I can always tell if someone is being truthful with me. Truth has a way of rolling energy inside of me, I feel it getting bigger and it longs to be spoken. I can feel it humming under my skin if someone is holding back the truth from me. Truth has come to the surface of my awareness again today and I wanted to write about it. There is so much healing that can transpire when you share the truth of yourself. We all have challenges, grief, shame, guilt, beliefs, joys, happiness, and gifts that long to be brought out into the light and acknowledged. What can you share with someone today? Free yourself and shine a little light of the truth of you.

We are surrounded by Angels that only speak the truth. Remember to ask for their assistance and guidance in your life. All you have to do is ask. We have free will so angels will not interfere, but know they are ready and willing to guide you in your life. Ask them to help you find the truth of who you are if you are struggling with finding answers. Along with the angels we all have a team of helpers in heaven, ascended masters, ancestors, friends, all ready and willing to help us on our path. Just have to ask.

My name is Angela and it means, ”messenger of God.” My middle name is Kelly, Gaelic/Irish for bright-headed warrior (I am a peaceful warrior) and my nickname is Angelface. Could my mother have known at the time of my birth and giving me the nickname, “Angelface,” that I would be a truth teller and I try to shine the light into the darkness of the world by lifting others up? I speak from my heart. It is the guiding force of me. She has passed away so I will have to ask her spirit for answers as to why she gave me these names. I do not shy away from the truth or the light. It takes courage, patience, peace and lots and lots and lots of practice to stand in your truth.

I have always tried to speak truthfully. It has taken me a while to find the words to openly express the truth of me and the depth to my wholeness. The underlying fear of not fitting in or standing out or standing up for what is right is not an easy path to take, but a very necessary one for the progression of your soul. There is a pose in yoga I love to do. You lie down on your back and hug your knees into your chest and curl your head up to meet your knees and breathe deeply. When I do this pose, I am hugging or gathering all of the pieces of me back to my center. It is a great way when you feel scattered to breathe deeply and gather all of your pieces back together.

I have always been a social activist and stood for equality for all of life. I may not go out and protest because fighting against something is a waste of time and energy. Love is the highest vibration of all. I send love where there is fear. I become a neutral observer and I pray. I visualize and send healing energy and love out to all. We are connected to all through our human hearts. When I get quiet and tap into the transformational flow of healing light and sound energy through my heart it touches the hearts of all of humanity. No one is above or below anyone. We are all one. The law of one states if one is harmed all are harmed. If one is helped all are helped. We are all connected through divine oneness. Breathe in and know we are all one.

Rumi the 13th century Persian poet has been quoted as saying, “When you speak allow your words to pass through three gates: 1. Is it true? 2. Is it kind? 3. Is it necessary?” This has helped me immensely when I communicate with people. I have always been honest, but the difference from then to now is I used to be brutally honest. I would just blurt out words and they didn’t always land well. It always helps to breathe deeply and pause before you speak. To not react in anger. When we breathe deeply we have access to a calmer place of knowing how to speak the truth. The truth will rise up in you and you can share it with kindness. As with everything that is worth knowing, it is worth the time and effort it takes to make it a daily practice. It is a very freeing feeling to speak the truth in kindness.

I know that you can not build any relationship without a solid foundation. One important step in that foundation is honesty. When you speak the truth it lightens your load. You lose the need to carry the story or stories around. It is a way to start to live an authentic life from the depth of your soul. Being truthful to yourself and the people around you is a beautiful way to present your whole self to the world. People know where they stand in your presence. Stop hiding your light and your gifts from the world. Speak the truth of who you are and bloom where you are planted. Be yourself everyone else is taken. Peace, light, love and truth.

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